Color Me Lalaloopsy and More Lalaloopsy Babies

Tippy Baby

There are more Lalaloopsy Babies and a color it yourself “Color Me Lalaloopsy” coming out soon! Click any image to see the photo album on Lalaloopsy Boulevard’s Facebook page.

Scoops Baby

Scoops Waffle Cone and Tippy Tumblelina have both been made into Lalaloopsy Babies, with adorable little hats and bottle versions of their old pets. I love the way their little hair curls just barely show out of the hats, so cute! Still not a big fan of their weird bodies, but the stuffed babies are probably much nicer to hug or sleep with than a regular Lalaloopsy doll.

Spots Baby

Spot Splatter Splash is, as always, covered in paint splatter and having a great time. Her hat is an artsy beret with a little bow on it, and her pet zebra is now a bottle.

Bea Baby

Bea Spells-a-Lot probably isn’t doing a whole lot of spelling as a baby. Her little suspenders are a very cute representation of her original outfit and the apple hat is adorable. I wish they would get a little more unique with the babies, and I think people wouldn’t mind a few fashion packs with more clothes, like dresses and PJs, for the Lalaloopsy Babies.

Color Me Lalaloopsy

Finally, the new Color Me Lalaloopsy, Squiggles N. Shapes, is revealed! She’s like a blank canvas version of Smile E. Wishes. You can use the included four markers and two stamps to color Squiggles and her pet butterfly any way you want to! There is also a heart shaped sponge included for when you want to clean her off and color her again. It’s unfortunate that there are only four colors of marker to work with, but maybe another brand will work with the dolls? Hopefully someone will test it out on their own blank doll and let the rest of us know how it goes!

6 thoughts on “Color Me Lalaloopsy and More Lalaloopsy Babies

  1. I love it!!! The color me yourself doll is amazing! Maybe I will get it and test it out. 😉 Jessica, do you know when the next give-a-way will be? You told me there would be a easter one but I didn’t see one and it has been a long time since easter. THX

  2. Wow, I really like the idea of the Color Me Lalaloopsy! I’ll definitely get one when she comes out… though I might not be brave enough to test other mediums on her myself, haha. Be sure to let us know if you find out that other markers work, please! Otherwise, hopefully they’ll release packs of markers (maybe with extra colors) because I can’t imagine those little markers will last too long either (especially with a child!).

  3. The color me dolls look cute! I hope they make one for lalaloopsy littles and minis since i don’t really collect large dolls( although they are still cool but too expensive).

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