Pumpkin Slippers, Cape Riding Hood, and Bow Bah Peep Littles!

Bow Bah Peep

There are new Lalaloopsy Littles on the way! Younger sisters for Little Bah Peep, Cinder Slippers, and Scarlet Riding Hood. Thanks to Tricia for noticing these pictures from Bratz Heaven. Click on any picture to go to their original photobucket post.

UPDATE! Emily found Beauty Fairest.

Bow Bah Peep (above) is the little sister of Little Bah Peep. Her shoes are a recolor of Sprinkle Spice Cookie’s shoes, but the sheep’s costume is new and really adorable.

Cape Riding Hood

This is Cape Riding Hood, younger sister of Scarlet Riding Hood. Like her older sister’s mini, Cape has a permanently attached red hood and a detachable cape. Her dress is the same pattern as her sister’s apron, and they’re wearing the same kind of red sneakers.

Pumpkin Slippers

Pumpkin Slippers is the little sister of Cinder Slippers. Now, if only we could get a little brother for Prince Handsome! I can’t really tell from these early pictures yet, but I’ll be a little bit surprised if they make Pumpkin a darker skinned Little, given how they whitewashed Cinder Slippers. Although, then we would get our first interracial Lalaloopsy family, which I certainly can’t complain about! Her dress is reminiscent of her older sister’s gown: a dark pink skirt under a light white tulle, all tied off with a white ribbon belt. Her hair is interesting! I’m not sure I like it, but it’s something different.

We can still expect to see Beauty Fairest, little sister to Snowy Fairest, according to Bratz Heaven’s 2014 Lalaloopsy Lines Summary.

Dotty Gale Winds

Dotty Gale Winds is also making the Lalaloopsy regular sized doll scene, with glittering pink shoes and a large red bow. Unfortunately, her smaller bows on the end of each braid seem to have been lost in the translation to large doll. I do like the blue gingham pattern and flower buttons they added to her dress, it really gives her that Dorothy Gale feeling.


Beauty Fairest

Emily posted this one armed preview of Beauty Fairest! She looks really cute, I just love her scalloped eyelet lace skirt. I can’t wait to see these Littles in person!

24 thoughts on “Pumpkin Slippers, Cape Riding Hood, and Bow Bah Peep Littles!

  1. HooRAY for the new Littles! I love the size of the Littles! And I love these new ones! Bow Bah Peep is precious!!!! Gotta agree with you about Pumpkin Slippers hair. And I do wish Capes hood was removable but I just love Littles. Dotty looks DOLLing as a regular size! CUTE outfit! And we could always add bows to the end of her braids! What fun news! Thank you Tricia for spotting them and thank you Jessica for posting them!

  2. I’m up in the air about pumpkins hair too. I mean they did finally do something different,but it kind of reminds me of a monkey lol I don’t know why but it just does haha

  3. Besides Pumpkin’s hair I don’t really care for her dress too much…it just looks messy like its too long or something??…………….Cape looks pretty cute……and Bow is definitely my favorite but I really think a boy would have been awesome for this one. They could have played off Little Boy Blue (Little Boy Bow??) which now that I think of him……..he would make an awesome large Lala!!

    • I have to agree with you on pumpkins dress. It IS very messy looking. I hoping it just looks like that in the picture,since it does look like it’s used, and not like that when its BNIB. She’s suppose to be a princess,so you would think she would look better than this!

  4. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Bow Bah Peep is REAL!!!!! On eBay that same doll is being sold, but the name was Blanket Featherbed. My friend and I claimed it was a custom, because she told me about it and sent a picture.

    • Ya there in hong kong…….also I found star magic spells in fort worth, TX on ebay o_0 and in California when they’re not suppose to be out until fall


        • I found out in fort worth at sams that dotty, the rosebud doll, the b-day cake girl, star, and frost were there on a big shelf and they were cheaper 0_o

  5. They are adorable :3 I LOVE Bo Bah Peep. I just might have to buy her. Maybe I will ask for it for Christmas, but I don’t know yet if I really want Bow… Anyways, Cape is cute but I realy hope the hood is removable, although it is probably not :( . I dont realy like pumkins hair either, it reminds if a banana for some reason XD I can’t wait until Beaty Fairest is sneak peeked! 😀 :)

      • Lol! Somehow cinder slippers, a princesses sister has hair that reminds us of monkeys and bananas XD also awww Beaty Fairest is so cute I love the Big Bow on her pony tail! The pony tail reminds me of a dollop of frosting. Jeez, first banana and now frosting? I must be hungry XD I better eat breakfast now :)

  6. We Need the New Little for Peppy Pom Poms and her name is “Penny Pom Poms”, We Need the New Little Little for Dot Starlight and her name is “Luna Starlight”, We Need the New Little for Haley and her name is “Hannah Galaxy”, We Need the New Little for Pickles B.L.T. and her name is “Mayo B.L.T.”, We Need the New Little for Scraps Stitched and Sewn and her name is “Stein Stitched ‘N’ Sewn”, We Need the New Little for Mint E. Stripes and her name is “Peppermint E. Stripes”, We Need the New Little for Pepper Pots and Pans and her name is “Spaghetti Pots ‘N’ Pans” and also We Need the New Little for “Alice in Lalaloopsy Land” and her name is “Betty in Lalaloopsy Land”

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