The Lalaloopsy Girls Website and Prototype Pictures!

Lalaloopsy Girls Website

The Lalaloopsy Girls website has launched! Although this is the only page so far, we can now see more information about the Lalaloopsy girls. Also, Alexis found Lalaloopsy Girls prototype pictures! Check out the new dolls below.

UPDATE! Tiny pictures found by Rae.

Bea Spells-a-Lot is the first Lalaloopsy Girl to be officially introduced, pictured with Jewel Sparkles, Spot Splatter Splash, and Pix E. Flutters. The Lalaloopsy Girls seem to be marketed to older girls, with a school themed world and a more modern take on fashion. The new tagline is “Stitched together…friends forever!” The Lalaloopsy Girls attend Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts and live together in dorms.

You Like Owls

Their pets will still be at least associated with the characters, although no product information is available yet to tell if they’ll be included with the dolls or featured in the inevitable Lalaloopsy Girls movie. Hopefully the Lalaloopsy Girls website has more profile style pages in the future, I really like the art style!

Lalaloopsy Girls Prototypes

Although they’re unpainted, these early prototypes that Alexis posted about look pretty good! Unlike some of MGA’s other dolls, I don’t think these have any serious body image issues. They’re unrealistic, but in a way that really looks like the natural progression of a Lalaloopsy from child to preteen. Their clothes are ADORABLE representations of their original outfits, I’m personally hoping that this will be a fashion focused doll to compete with Mattel’s Ever After and Monster High lines. The Lalaloopsy dolls have a charming aspect I just never saw in the others, so with enough options for clothing packs and the (hopefully) eventual introduction of Lalaloopsy Boys, it could be a real competitor. Although it’s not typical of Lalaloopsy dolls, I wouldn’t have minded some knee and elbow joint action. Lalaloopsy Girls are cute, but they’ll be just as completely ineffective at using accessories or posing as all their predecessors.

UPDATE! Pictures found by Rae. 

Lalaloopsy Girls sm Lalaloopsy Girls sm2

27 thoughts on “The Lalaloopsy Girls Website and Prototype Pictures!

  1. Wow these look really awesome my collection of original full sized dolls has almost come to completion and I’m really pleased that mga have made something else for me to collect. My only hope is that they come with stands and aren’t just gonna turn out like workshop dolls that aren’t interchangeable.

    Really hope they make a bassinet or crib to put all the lalaloopsy babies in. And I would love love love full sized dolls of prince handsome and the wacky hatter

  2. I have seen the lalaloopsy girls pics and the pets are beautful. personaly I hope that mga makes coral a lalaloopsy girl (sandy to).

        • They need to come out with the boys in more versions. Also did you notice that none of the boys have any play sets or little siblings? I don’t understand that because everyone wants them so I know that they would sell really good.

          • AGREED. I am disappointed and annoyed that they haven’t come out with any new boys in soooooo long. They are my favorite!!

          • I’d like it if the boys were featured a little more in the show and movies, too. Boys can like to play dress up, girls can like to play in the mud, and most importantly boys and girls can all play together. I’m hoping they’ll have some sort of “Lalaloopsy Boys” line to go with the Lalaloopsy Girls line. Plus, I really want a younger brother for Toffee Cocoa Cuddles.

  3. AAAWWW SOOO CUUUTEEE! I am SUPER DUPER Exited for these dolls! i REALY want Mittens and Pix E. , but Bea is also looking super cute with those cute glasses!(plus i wear glasses in real life)

    • Also, did you see the spot, crumbs, and peanut one? I saw a picture of them on the Internet. I hope they make Dot and Pillow! If I saw a Dot or a Spot one, I would immediately grab it off the shelf and buy it because both Dot and Spot are my favorite lalaloopsys in the world.

      • They have to make Pillow, she was one of the original 8 and the 1st lala to be released, so you know they will make her eventually.

  4. These are adorable! Did anyone else see the Y.O.L.O sign? I was annoyed at first, then I looked closer. You.Obviously.Love.Owls.

  5. WOW. I am excited about these. This is the first time in awhile that I have been interested in a new release and I am also surprised to see that everyone else is completely excited too. Usually people are kind of half and half so I think that MGA may have hit a home run with these!!

    Can’t wait to see more pics <3

  6. There is a website called toybook. When you look up “lalaloopsy girls fashion doll” click on the one that says the website is toybook. It has a lot of good information about the new lalaloopsy girls line.

  7. I Need to See Pickles B.L.T. (LG), She Has Hair in A Ponytail (Not Curly) but She Has Eyes and Her Lipstick but plus LG Pickles B.L.T. Wears green cropped t-shirt with the pickle burger on it with a belt around her jean shorts. The bottom had jean shorts on it, and she wears a watch around the right arm and wears blue socks and white sneakers with pink lacings and hot pink wheels attached to her sneakers and she also had PJ’s like Her Green Long Sleved T-Shirt and Blue PJ Pants on.

    • But Pickles B.L.T. learns to Cook Pickle Burgers and B.L.T. Sandwich (in meet LG Pickles Video She is Voiced by Jessica Hilbricht, but She Voices Dyna and Suzette) She has a Ponytail but it’s not Curly

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