Handmade Lalaloopsy Dollhouses from Pinterest & Elsewhere

Jeanne's Handmade Lalaloopsy Dollhouse

During my hiatus, frequent commenter Jeanne send me an email of the Lalaloopsy shadowboxes she and a girlfriend made one weekend. Using the packaging backgrounds that come with the dolls, she made beautiful little scenes using her Lalaloopsy minis, micros, and accessories. I was very inspired by her hard work! Let’s see what other people have handmade for their own Lalaloopsy minis!

Kelly's handmade lalaloopsy dollhouse

There are a lot of crafty users over on Pinterest! Click on any image to find the original post. User Kelly Coles posted this adorable handmade Lalaloopsy dollhouse that was created for her children by their father. I really like the way the rooms have split level floors with columns and the “hardwood” floors. The owl motifs at the top are also very cute!


At first I thought this handmade Lalaloopsy dollhouse from Pinterest user Tyler Pierce was way too huge, but it seems clever after further thought, since could easily be remodeled for a larger doll size. The details put into the rooms of this house are amazing! Just to point out a few things I really liked: the button roof, the pulley system on the side, the shelves and bunkbeds in the blue bedroom, using the Lalaloopsy Littles packaging handles in the ballet room, and everything in that adorable little kitchen. I don’t know where the furniture is from, but I really want some!

Scrappalific Handmade Lalaloopsy Dollhouse

Scrappalific blogged about this handmade Lalaloopsy dollhouse, which is actually made out out of a lunch box! The amount of detail and creativity put into this is amazing and I highly recommend checking out her post to see closer images of all the little details.

Doodle Craft Handmade Lalaloopsy Dollhouse

This re-purposed shelf was turned into a Lalaloopsy hangout by Natalie and her daughter, of the blog Doodle Craft! They did an excellent job giving it a homey touch with hand drawn paintings framed on the walls. There’s a shelf covered in little toys and Lalaloopsy Micros and even a fireplace. Another post definitely work looking at, she gives all the steps from boring shelf to fabulous dollhouse, with pictures!

Make it yourself handmade lalaloopsy dollhosue from DollsAndDaydreams

If you’re a little crafty yourself, there’s a simple instruction PDF available for sale on Etsy store Dolls and Daydreams that shows you how to make a simple cardboard dollhouse with no tape or glue necessary! Separately available are dollhouse, school house, or barn farmhouse printouts you can use to decorate the cardboard dollhouse. Each type comes with fully colored and uncolored versions so you can decide between a more “polished” look or choosing the colors yourself.

I’m working on turning a used dollhouse shaped frame I found into a Lalaloopsy diorama to hang on my wall. I’d love to see any handmade Lalaloopsy dollhouses or furniture you guys have made! Leave it in the comments or email me anytime at Jessica@lalaloopsydollhouse.com 😀

10 thoughts on “Handmade Lalaloopsy Dollhouses from Pinterest & Elsewhere

  1. In the third post, the bunk beds in the blue room I think are for Calico Critters, which are just right for the mini Lalaloopsies but the prices aren’t.

  2. Ouuu…SEW fun! Thank you for posting the shadow box picture AND ALL the others! Wow!SEW much talent! SEW many ideas! LOVE the doll houses! Also love the vignette set up within a lunch box! LOVE repurposing! LOVE your site Jessica! LOVE that you are back!You were missed!

  3. Wow, this is so cool! They are all so creative, especially that one made from a lunch Box! That is a good way to use some thing you think you might not want. I love reusing and recycling :)

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