Bedtime for Lalaloopsy: Lalaoopsy Bed and Sleeping Bag Options on Etsy

lala mini bed

If you’ve been wishing you had more furniture for your empty Lalaloopsy Dollhouses, there are several cute options over on Etsy! Click on any image to go to the item’s listing.

The bed above is actually a bed sized for 3″ Lalaloopsy minis. Handmade by Hill has a lot of  options for doll beds in different styles and sizes.

lalaoopsy bed

lalaoopsy bed

Coffee Kids N Dolls has a really adorable Littles sized Lalaloopsy bed. I love the theme they used for the bedding, tying the three colored pillows together with the cute butterfly sheet.

sm sleeping bag

Besides the bed, they also offer cute sleeping bag sets that come with a pillow, a two color sleeping bag, and a small Hello Kitty toy for your doll. There’s also a full sized doll version, so you can have your Little and her older Lalaloopsy sister in matching sleeping bags.

Baby blanket

Although it’s not quite a furniture item, And Little Lambs Eat Ivy has a huge selection of blankets, bibs, booties, and other fashions for the new Lalaloopsy babies. She’s got a Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff and a Jewel Sparkles themed blanket, as well as a large variety of every sized stocking for Littles, Babies, and regular sized dolls.


If you’re crafty, I’ve previously posted a how to guide for making your own Lalaloopsy (or really, any doll) sleeping bag. It’s simple enough to do as a fun project with kids, all you need is a little fabric and something to use as stuffing if you want an attached pillow. Let me know if you try it out!

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