2014 Minis Already Being Spotted on eBay

Mini Yuki Kimono

Yuki Kimono and three of the other previously full sized Lalaloopsy are already being sold on eBay as minis!

Yuki Kimono with no face

Although they’ve already sold the colored version, you can still currently get an unpainted version of Yuki, as well as any of the four newly spotted dolls I posted about earlier this week, from douhikeshop. I’d be really interested to see what the buyer ends up doing with this! I personally like the mini version of Yuki better than the large version. Real kimono are made out of rich, often embroidered, kimono-specific fabric, and get their layered look by actually layering at least one other under-kimono under your outside one. I am very picky about dolls dressed up in them. Unfortunately, since she’s just a regular doll and not a collector’s edition or something, Yuki’s kimono is just a single layer of cloth with contrasting colored fabric sewn right on, even a panel going down the front of the kimono, which would NEVER be in a contrasting fabric like that on a real one.


Mint E. Stripes, Smile E. Wishes, and Winter Snowflake are all individually available from seller notoriousdolly. I love the Mint E. Stripes mini; I didn’t want the large doll because of how her dress spiral was plastic and separate from the dress fabric, but the mini clears up those issues for me. Smile E. is cute, but Winter Snowflake is adorable. I’m wondering if they made her snowball hair soft and fluffy, like mini Toasty Sweet Fluff’s dress was. If you know, let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “2014 Minis Already Being Spotted on eBay

  1. Wow. I never knew that Toasty’s dress was soft!!?? I learned something new! That makes me want to see them make a large size doll of her even more. I probably won’t be getting any of these mini’s since I don’t collect them but I think they are really cute.

  2. I love them all!! Winter is adorable. Whoever did the paint job on Yuki did a lalatastic job on her cat! It’s meant to look like wood but, they did a better job at the mini cat then the large one if you ask me.

  3. For anyone who is interested…I saw they had Goldie Luxe on clearance at Toysrus for 35 a couple days ago………still kind of expensive if you ask me but its a good deal if you really want her…..they also had the sister pack loopy hairs of crumbs and sprinkle on clearance too but cant remember how much they were.

  4. The Target near me just got a wave of new lala stuff!!Including all of these new mini! I a few minis. I got Yuki,Winter,Suztette and Mimi. Winter’s snowballs are not soft.

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