Lalaloopsy Dollhouse Returns! Fall 2014 Preview

Star Magic Spells

Hello again, everyone! I hope you didn’t all forget about me during my sudden absence, but I’m back with more Lala news: starting with some pics of the new Fall 2014 line!

Thanks to all the dear readers who were worried for me while I was gone, I’m so sorry! I had a few real life obligations in the way, making it nigh impossible to access the site on a regular basis. I’m back now, and hope to get fully back into the swing of things immediately!

Let’s start with the lovely Lala wizard above, Star Magic Spells! Star was sewn from a wizard’s hat on July 20th, Moon Day. I absolutely love her hair and the dress/robe, but I wish they had given her better shoes than just a recolor of the old Holly Sleigh Bells. Still, very cute!

Frost I.C. Cone

Frost I.C. Cone was made from a snowcone on  September 22nd, National Ice Cream Cone Day. She’s super sweet and colorful, with a pet snow cone rabbit. I love that MGA used gradient colors to really sell that snow cone look. Way to re-use the ice cream hair style creatively, I love it!

Rosebud Longstem

Rosebud Longstem is already getting a big version! I absolutely love everything about this doll. Her shoes are way beyond adorable, her dress is a perfect flower, and her rosy hair is a bouquet of beautiful.

Candle Slice

Candle Slice O’Cake was made from a birthday cake. She’s the first Lalaloopsy with a blank “sewn on” date, which you can fill in with your own birthday! I think this is a really cute idea and I love her color scheme. The dress is a nice representation of her cake theme, without being too costume-y.

Honestly…I think I would buy all of these dolls! I’m happy to see MGA going with a lot of brand new ideas. The flower girls are gorgeous and the food themed girls really seem to sell, so I hope Lalaloopsy will continue being popular for a long while to come. Thanks for reading!

23 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Dollhouse Returns! Fall 2014 Preview

  1. A new entry from you! =) Glad you’re back!
    I would totally buy Frost I.C. and Rosebud. They both look so sweet. Sadly we haven’t gotten the Flower Minis here, can’t even find them on ebay which makes me really sad. They all looked so beautiful.

    • Have you checked Family Dollar for the flower minis??? That is about the only place I have seen them…..besides Walmart one time.

    • I’ve managed to find the full Flower Minis set at Target once, though I see you live in Germany and might not have Targets. D:

      • Thanks Tricia and Katelyn for your help, that’s very nice! =)
        As you say, Katelyn, I live in Germany and even though we had Walmart until 10 years ago, we now have none of these stores here and they discontinued the Lalaloopsy line in Germany completely. So I shop online from an English store. =)

  2. Yay!!! Glad to see your back Jessica. I am also pretty impressed with the new 4. I have to admit that even though I liked Yuki and Mari…I didn’t get any of the last wave that came out. I am running out of space and I have to be more picky…….but I am definitely interested in Star. She is so cute……and I also really like Candle. I think Rosebud is pretty but she isn’t really my style…..and I like the idea of Frost but she looks a little bland to me….not enough color for a snow cone…But overall I think they did a good job on these and I will be waiting for your post on the new Lala girls…should be interesting to see everyones response…..

  3. I’m so glad to see you back! I was so excited because I found pictures of these girls last week, after running across a Candles Slice O’ Cake that was on Ebay. While I try to buy large ‘Loopsies a bit sparingly because of all the space they take up, I’m definitely going to get Candle. * __ * I’m also going to be tempted to get Frosty, but first I’d like to see what she looks like in stores, since her promo picture looks like there’s more gradient spray on her ice cream scoop hair, but of the in person pictures I’ve seen, there looks like a lot less…

  4. Hey look who’s back! Lol These have already been showing up in Targets,but not in Florida yet :( These are all super cute! I can’t wait til I see them in person. And I feel ya on the running out of room. I love the big one but they do take up quite a bit of room!

    • I put a bunch of my large dolls on my dresser, but now I’m out of room and some of them are relegated to a tote under my bed. I don’t even have a place to put my minis out right now, I just have one out on my desk that I change occasionally.

  5. OMG that wizard is amazing…………….I have 22 lalaloopsys and working my way up to 26 or 28
    Sarah the one who put “My best friend is seeing these on Ebay.” She is wanting silly hair marina and did you guys know there from Hong Kong on ebay but they are expensive and u have to BID including shipping GRRRRRRR………..I have a feeling Sarah will be getting Frost I. C. cone. Im soo excited to see these come out!!!!!!!

  6. I Really want Star. Sew cute! But I only have minis and littles, Idont know if I should get stars big or just wait until her mini comes out.

  7. They’re all unique in their own ways, but I sort of miss the subtlety of the older dolls. If they made a doll like Peanut or Toffee nowadays I bet they’d look totally different.

      • I’m not saying they need the same old hairstyles, but the themes themselves are much more in-your-face instead of alluded to through their wardrobe. I like newer dolls, but I also hope to see some new hairstyles and detailed outfits on future large dolls that aren’t quite as gimmicky.

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