New Lalaloopsy Workshop Dolls now at Little Tykes

Lalaloopsy Workshop Ice Cream

The latest Lalaloopsy Workshop dolls are now available for sale at the Little Tykes website. Click on an image to go to the product page.

Lalaloopsy Workshop Angel

Angel and Ice Cream (above) are both single packs. Her wings are a separate piece and can be used with any torso.

527510-mermaid-pirate-workshop_xlargePirate and Mermaid come together as a double pack. This round of workshop dolls have a lot of movable hair pieces and accessories to swap around.

The bubble mermaids, silly singers, plus plenty of the newest minis are also available. Their mini bundles are a great price, but only if you’re willing to get two sets of four different minis at once.



47 thoughts on “New Lalaloopsy Workshop Dolls now at Little Tykes

  1. Oh how sweet! The mermaid looks lovely! I hope we get the flower Minis here soon too. I think I’ll get them all since I left out the large Marie Golden Petals. =)

  2. Even though I am not too interested in the workshop dolls I think these are the cutest ones they have put out so far. I have just started seeing the flower minis in stores……i saw a couple at walmart the other day…..and today i saw all four at the dollar store!!! Its about time Little Tikes!

    Would have gotten a couple but my daughter has been passing up her Lala’s for a new My Little Pony addiction…..and I can’t afford both. lol………..

    • Omg my daughter has just become obsessed with My Little Pony too.Her daddy was like no lol she needs to just stick to one thing because those Lalaloopsy’s are expensive enough.

      • Lol. I feel your pain. I must admit though that I enjoy watching the My Little Pony show. I wish they would have made the Lalaloopsy show more in the same direction……with singing and a little drama…..I think they could have done better. I mean how can a show made for pre-school children not have any singing in it?? I haven’t figured that out yet……

  3. Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show’ premieres this Saturday, April 5th at 1:30pm on Nick Jr., with an encore Monday, April 7th at 1pm! Own it on DVD April 8th.

    Just read this on Lala Facebook. Will definitely be tuning in this weekend…will be interesting to see how the ponies fit in. Hope Mallow is in it <3

  4. These are really cute.My favorite would be the angel.Too bad I’ve heard such horrible things about them so I don’t really think i’ll be buying anything.At both of the Walmarts in my city they have stacks of these that nobody buys.I’ve counted them and they had the same amount there for months.I look at that as a bad sign because all the other Lala stuff gets sold out very quickly. On another note I was at walmart the other day and seen the big Cherry Crisp Crust and she came with a free Jewel Sparkles iPhone case! How cool! I don’t have a iPhone but you better believe I grabbed it.I’ve also heard other people spotting the cases on the other big new Lalas so if anyone is interested keep your eye out.They have only been spotted at walmart.

    • It doesn’t seem like any of the Lala stuff is selling besides the usual bigs and minis……every time I go to target they still have plenty of bubble mermaids……pet pals….loopy hairs…….ponies…..people just don’t seem interested. The babies don’t seem to be doing that well either. Bigs and minis is what the people want I guess!!

      • Oh yes! The bigs and minis will always be the number 1 seller for Lalaloopsy. They are always sold out of those in my city. The Walmart by me has a ton of the workshop dolls,bubbly mermaids,babies and the loopy hair dolls.I’m very surprised that the loopy hair dolls aren’t being bought up.I think they are super cute.My theory with the loopy hair ones is that they are just too expensive.They cost $10 more dollars than the original big Lalas at Walmart.

      • Same here…when I went to Target to buy Baby Jewel the only large doll besides the Bubbly Mermaids was Yuki Kimono. There were only two of her left. There were 4 Baby Pillows, 2 Baby Mittens, {I guess} 1 Baby Crumbs, and 1 Baby Jewel, which I got. The Bubbly Mermaids were all still there. The only minis I saw were the fairy tale ones and the fun house ones. I don’t think Target restocks on Lalaloopsies as often as they should.

    • Ooo, that is an exciting list! I’m curious what the Lalaloopsy Girls will be. –Yay for more babies! The Lala Babies took me a little while to warm up to, but now I think they are way too cute!!

  5. I just seen on Facebook that the NEW BIG LALALOOPSY’S Rosebud Longstem and New Candle Slice O’Cake have been spotted at Toys-R-Us! The UPC for Rosebud Longstem (large doll) is 035051529620 and Candle Slice O’Cake is 035051529613.The TRU ID for Rosebud and Candle is 867678. :)

    • Do they have any pics?? Can you post the link?

      I think Candle Slice O’Cake sounds like the little sister of Pumpkin Candle Light…..just a thought. Will be interesting to see what they look like.

      • No I’ve been googling all morning I have not been able to find any pics.But I did find just find a site saying that these dolls won’t be released until June.I don’t know which is true but as we have all seen before sometimes the Lalas are spotted before their release date.I also can’t find any info on the big Lalas that come with the iPhone case even though I seen that with my own eyes.I only saw it with Cherry Crisp Crust but I’m not how many of the other ones come with the free case. Oh and I posted one link a couple of comments up of the new Lalas

    • Rosebud and Candle have not yet been released. Bratz Heaven posted that they “found” them, but they did it as part of an April Fool’s joke. The photos on their Facebook page show an empty shelf (which BTW was NOT taken at the TRU in Carle Place, New York) and Nelson from The Simpsons doing his “Ha Ha” laugh.

  6. Update! The first Lala is Frost I.C Cone, i think. The second is the big Rosebud Longstem. And the last one is Star Magic Spells. I think she’s my favorite!

  7. Wow! Nice find on the pics. Can’t believe we are seeing the new Fall ones….they look pretty interesting. I think Rosebud looks the best so far…….but I like the concept of Star Magic Spells. She looks like a wizard kind of……….I love the idea of the one that I’m guessing is made from a snow cone…..but I am not impressed with the pic……hopefully its just a prototype. Can’t wait to see more pics!!!

    • Couldn’t remember what post you talked about this on…..but I saw one of those Lala boxes with the I phone case at Walmart yesterday. It was Cherry Crisp Crust. Just thought I would throw that out there. Nice find on the mini pics!!!

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