Lalaloopsy fits right in with Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty

Do you love your Lalaloopsy dolls, but want some more variety than what MGA is pumping out? Luckily for Lala fans, the Hello Kitty series of toys currently running at Target is just the right size!


While checking out the local Target for new Lalaloopsy goods, I noticed that the latest line of Hello Kitty miniatures was almost the exact same size! The playset I bought came with a bacon dress Hello Kitty mini and her own breakfast stand, with accessories. There’s also a garden swing playset and several Hello Kitty minis that just come with a few small accessories, like a normal Lalaloopsy mini.


I’m personally a huge Hello Kitty fan and still have some of the toys from when I was a kid. This pineapple Juice Bar was one of the toys released in the 90’s Hello Kitty Dream World line.


Another Hello Kitty Dream World toy, but a smaller set with a violin. She also has a harp (not shown) and had wings, which I lost. Although the Dream World toys are shorter, their accessories are basically Lalaloopsy Mini sized.


The tiny Hello Kitty at the carnival was a gift, but I think this type was available in the late 2000’s. She’s too small to fit in with even the Mini Littles, but fits in well with my carnival playsets.


The latest line at Target is still the best fitting, with the mini figures being able to use most of the Lalaloopsy Mini furniture. The large dolls even fit into the large Hello Kitty doll bed, which are currently on clearance at my local Target. As a Hello Kitty and Lalaloopsy fan, I was sew excited to find out their sizes were this compatible! Maybe I’ll start collecting them, too? Although the mini figures are all differently dressed versions of Hello Kitty, they do have the advantage of being able to stand and having separately poseable arms and legs that don’t need to move together. I definitely recommend them!

8 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy fits right in with Hello Kitty

  1. Again Jessica you have inspired me! The Hello Kitty stuff does look PURRRRfect with the mini Lalaloopsies! I’m heading over to Target after work today to check it all out! YES, I too, love MORE accessories than MGA is pumping out so Ya HOO for you finding these things! Thank you!

  2. Very cute!! Has anyone seen those little mini kitchens at target?? I can’t remember what they are called…they go with some little fuzzy animals but its a little kitchen that is completely stocked with little mini food…and mini apron……and dishes and everything. It is really cute and every time I see it I think that it looks like it was made for Lala’s!!!!!

    • Yes! I have seen those Calico Critters kitchens/bakery and thought the same thing! They also have a house, tree house and travel trailer!!! I did get a couple of the Hello Kitty things and they are PURRfect with the mini Lala’s!!!

  3. Even better is the set from woodziez, their was an awesome bakery just the right size for them too and that bakery was heavily stocked with goodies :)

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