More Themed Ponies and the Easter Target Exclusive


Paulie Pie is on a Taobao pony finding spree and Suzette La Sweet spots the next Target Exclusive, May Little Spring!

Piña is the Spanish word for pineapple, the fruit that Piña herself is clearly themed after. She comes with some heart and bow hair clips as well as a big candy comb.


Pinkmelon is apparently strawberry themed, although strawberry is not a melon at all. She’s still adorable, and comes with her own clips and candy comb.


Jamberry is the grape themed pony. You can see the other side of one of the candy combs by her hooves. I’m guessing there is a fourth pony in this theme that we haven’t spotted yet.

May Little Spring

May Little Spring is the Easter Target Exclusive Mini! She’s wearing some adorable PJs with a duck hoodie. Her accessories are a bouquet and a purse/Easter basket, as well as her pet butterfly.

13 thoughts on “More Themed Ponies and the Easter Target Exclusive

    • That’s fine, I’m a brony too. These ponies have less personality that the Friendship is Magic mane six since, you know, they have no lines whenever they’re actually in a Lalaloopsy show.

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