Smile E. Wishes, Mari Golden Petals, Yuki Kimono, and Cherry Crisp Crust

Cherry Crisp Crust

Next years regular sized Lalaloopsy dolls have been spotted already! Thanks to Suzette La Sweet and Paulie Pie for their investigative journalism skills.

Gotta say, I love Cherry Crisp Crust’s hairstyle and stockings, but her dress leaves a lot to be desired. The mini looked very convincingly like a pie, but the large dress just looks really lazy to me.

Mari Golden Petals

Marie Golden Petals, on the other hand, has a phenomenal look! Her dress is floaty and reminiscent of flower petals for sure. Her tie up shoes and gorgeous new hairstyle compliment her look perfectly. This is one doll I definitely have on my wishlist.

Smile E Wishes

Smile E. Wishes is another new character, with yet another unique hairstyle! I have to say, the amount of variety MGA is putting forth lately is great, especially compared to the old model of “let’s just recolor an old doll and sell that”. The creativity in the latest products is very appreciated.

Yuki Kimono

Finally, Yuki Kimono! I’ve personally been waiting a while to see how Yuki would look, and I’m impressed! This take on a traditional geisha has the authentic white makeup with tiny heart lips. I’m proud to report that her kimono has been put on the correct way – if the shape at the top is like a lowercase y, the style is correct. It’s only ever folded the other way on a deceased person, so it’s good to know Yuki is not a ghost. The cherry blossom hair accessories are spot on. We can’t see the shoes very well yet, but they’re hopefully styled after traditional geta (kimono sandals). Although I’m not a person of Japanese descent, I think they’ve done a good job of capturing the geisha look on a Lalaloopsy.

37 thoughts on “Smile E. Wishes, Mari Golden Petals, Yuki Kimono, and Cherry Crisp Crust

  1. I love them! And i’m sharing my thoughts

    Yuki’s looks that she’s still alive to me, literally. I’m glad to see a japanese Lalaloopsy in person!

    Smile E. probably is based after the Tooth Fairy. If her house indicates this, there’s 3 pillows in there, while her mouse has a baby tooth..

    Mari Golden, is unique. And how cute is the ladybug.

    And my favorite of this set is Cherry Crisp Crust. I’m glad Mga is releasing the Sweet Shop minis into Large dolls. Second, im’ thankful that her hair is more unique than the mini. I’m tempted to have each of the Sweet Lalaloopsy dolls.

  2. WOW!! Can’t believe you guys found pics already!! That’s awesome!! I agree with you Jessica…..the Cherry outfit is very blahhh…….it kind of reminds me of the Mint E. Stripes outfit. I also don’t like how they just threw that droopy red belt on her white dress…it kind of seems the same as this one……like you said….lazy. The one with the flowers is really pretty though. Would love to see her in the box so we can get a better look at her dress but the flower hair is beautiful. I love Yuki. I was expecting black hair but……overall I think she looks really great and the blue hair makes her unique and different than what I was expecting. I think she has to be my favorite……..

    And I’m guessing that Smile E. Wishes could be made from the tooth fairy’s dress??? Because I notice her house and pet mouse are made from pillows and the mouse also has a tooth….I like the idea of her and I also applaud them for trying to make new hair styles but I don’t think I like this one too much. It looks a little witchy to me…….

  3. Oh also just wanted to put this out there……went to dollar general today and they had some really good minis out. Suzette, Rosy, Toffee, Dusty, Choco………and they are only 6.50. They also have lots of Lala coloring books. No bigs yet but they might get them closer to Christmas.

  4. Omg! I love these dolls! I went to google images and found a purple bubble mermaid! These are so creative and NONE of them have the same hairstyle as a former lalaloopsy! I love all the details that they put into them! The dresses are outstanding! They must’ve taken a lot of time on them. Nice work lalaloopsy! :)

  5. Oh they are out already ? ah great this place is getting too crowded *facepalm* okay Yuki kinda looks weird cuz of her make uup what is up with lalas and unnatural skin tones gosh Mari looks way better then Blossom in my opinion May Little Springs um ……….. okay awkward

    • Yuki is wearing traditional geisha makeup. If you Google it you’ll see that she’s a fairly accurate portrayal, for a Lalaloopsy doll. The only dolls with unnatural skin tones are Haley Galaxy, who is an alien, and Scraps Stitched ‘N’ Sewn, who is a monster. Sherri and Charlotte Charades, who are mimes, also have white face makeup. In their case and Yukis, their real skin tone is a light color, not covered in white makeup.

  6. Wow yuki loojs cut. But I sorta wish they based her off wa lolita. It would make a little bit lalaloopsy-e if that was a thing.

  7. Hey, those are the pictures (Smile E & Yuki) I used to first post pics of them on Facebook. You can tell because of the screenshot on Yuki is from my phone.

  8. I’ve been trying to find Yuki Kimono and no luck! Does anyone know when the widespread release will be? She was selling in but sold out fast. I’ve been checking my local Target and Toys R Us and nothing either. She’s just beautiful! Want to get her for my little girl’s bday next month. Hopefully she’ll be out by then.

    • There never seems to be an official widespread release with MGA……but if I was you I would just keep checking Target and Toys R Us (and Walmart if you are feeling lucky) every couple days and you may be able to snatch one before next month. I saw on the Bratz Heaven facebook page that they already found both at Toys R Us and Walmart I think but they also live in an area that seems to get toy releases pretty quickly. I have noticed that whenever they find a new release on that website I usually end up seeing them in stores maybe around one or two weeks later……so keep your eyes peeled!! Good luck.

      Oh and they also found Mari and Cherry already….so that just shows how fast they are getting toy releases!

  9. Just noticed they now have Yuki and Smile on Little Tikes……they are both out of stock at the moment but if you keep checking back they might be back in stock soon. Be prepared to pay Little Tikes crazy shipping charges though.

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