Lalaloopsy Pet Pals

Cat pet

Paulie Pie spotted some of the new Lalaloopsy Pet Pals and a stuffed Lalaloopsy pony recently announced by Bratz Heaven. Click on an image to go to the product page on Chinese auction site Taobao.

Yesterday, Bratz Heaven updated their 2014 Lalaloopsy new product line post to include several new kinds of dolls and pets, including the apparently named Purrty Kitten Paws, seen above.

Monkey pet

These dolls are larger, dressed versions of various Lalaloopsy doll’s pets. This monkey is currently named Tickles B. Nana.

Pig pet

Taobao lists the pets as 18cm or about 7 inches tall. Either this pig or the following sheep is probably named Belly Curly Tail, the last Pet Pal name on Bratz Heaven’s list.

Lamb pet

Besides the new Pet Pals, Haley Galaxy, Teddy Honey Pots, Confetti Carnival, Mint E. Stripes, Peggy Seven Seas, Winter Snowflake, Goldie Luxe, and Velvet B. Mine will all be minis in the coming year. New characters Smile E. Wishes, Mari Golden Petals, and Yuki Kimono will become large dolls as well as Cherry Crisp Crust.

Stuffed pony

New lines will include stuffed Lalaloopsy ponies, Lalaloopsy bubbly mermaids, Lalaloopsy babies, moments in time, silly singers, and Lalaloopsy tinies.

The Lalaloopsy workshop will gain an angel, ice cream themed doll, and pirate/mermaid double pack. There will be new Littles as well, including Tiny Might, Twirly Figure Eight, Mimi La Sweet, and Spoons Waffle Cone.

27 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Pet Pals

  1. Ouuuu… LalaLOVE what’s on the horizon! Thank you for the pictures and the latest Lala news! Especially the Littles…. Tiny Might and Twirly Figure 8 sound as sweeeet as Mini & Spoons! (-:

  2. I am so excited!! Can’t wait to see what mimi la sweet looks like. And I haven’t heard of Yuki Kimono yet! Thats exciting..I’ve had that idea in my head for while now so I can’t wait to see what she looks like. Is it just me or did someone draw a mouth onto the monkey pet pal?? lol it looks strange.

  3. If you ask me the are just plain weird. I love lalaloopsy and they have made some wonderful products but this…….. I would never ever play with the pet pals…… I have to say pet pals is the only thing by lalaloopsy that I don’t like…

  4. I have a question. Does any one know if the soft dolls have been discontinued?? I have noticed they have been marked down at quite a few stores and also don’t see any in the spring line up?? Would like to know……I am a fan of the soft dolls…..would be disappointed if they got rid of them.

    P.S. FYI………saw Blossom Flowerpot and Ace Fender Bender at Marshall’s today. I have found Marshall’s to be the best place to find some of the older dolls that people are charging an arm and leg for on Ebay.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! Are they really making a little sister for Suzette La Sweet?! I would totally DIE if that happened because she is seriously my favorite Lala!!! Mimi La Sweet, I would have done like i dont know, but a more princess type of name, but at least its not Marie Anett or something…. That would not be cute, bad history name :I

  6. This is not Lalaloopsy AT ALL. They should just go back to making the dolls and not these “Pet Pals”. They are going WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too far with that crud. >:(

    • It’s okay, they haven’t really slowed down the production of new Lalaloopsy dolls, they’ve just added all this new stuff on top. They have a tendency to release a lot of ideas and then only continue with whatever sells. So if people agree with you, they’ll probably disappear!

  7. I strongly disagree with you, I think this is rather genius. I own Marina Anchors (one of my favs!) but sadly lost her pet whale, I don’t have a pet for her and that is rather upsetting. I think they are making these as substitutes for missing pets.

  8. I think it would be boring if they never made anything new. You don’t have to like or buy the new things they make but hey you never know when you might like something they come out with. I think the pets are cute…….not sure I’m gonna get one….I will have to see them in person first.

    P.S. Suzette….did you know you can order replacement parts from MGA? You can email them and ask if they have Marina’s whale and if they do…all you gotta do is pay the shipping and they will send it to you. Its on the MGA website. Just go to order replacement parts.

    • Yeah! I don’t even mind their “let’s throw a ton of ideas out and see what sticks” behavior. Hopefully that means they think the Lalaloopsy brand has potential and plan to expand it, meaning it won’t disappear for a long time.

    • Yeah, like the Oopsies. They were planning on making 2 new characters, that I’ve heard about earlier this year, and they didn’t make them. I was once a huge fan of the Oopsies, but it didn’t last very long because they never made anything new. You’re right Tricia.

    • Really? I see them mostly at Target every time I go….I think you could be predicting the future with that discontinued idea though…….I won’t miss them.

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