Lalaloopsy Costumes by Rubie’s Costume Company

Dyna Might Costume
There are several cute new Lalaloopsy costumes from Rubie’s Costume Company, available online and at many retailers in the US and Canada. Click on any image to see their catalog page.

The Dyna Might costume is a deluxe version that includes a jumpsuit with attached tutu, a cape, glasses, and a wig with bows. Dyna Might’s dress up outfit was very sought after last year, so demand is probably high for her costume now.

Rosie Bumps Costume

Rosie Bumps ‘N’ Bruises’ costume includes a wig with bows, a dress, and a little cape. I find these wigs much more palatable than the huge styrofoam things included with other costumes.

Crumbs Costume

The Crumbs Sugar Cookie costume includes the dress and wig (with bow).

Although I think all of the costumes are cute, I am slightly perturbed at the lace choice on the cap sleeves. I know these are just children’s costumes made of shiny fabric, but I’m picky about lace.

They did a great job on the tiny pom poms and all of the costumes are fairly accurate to the real dolls.

Jewel Costume
The Jewel Sparkles costume comes with her dress and wig, with a crown hair comb. I honestly would love to see a handmade version of this done in some really nice cotton sateen instead of shiny costume fabric.

Bea Costume
Bea Spells-a-Lot’s costume comes with her dress and a wig with matching bow. I like the look of the tulle sleeves but I wonder how soft the material is. You might want to consider a matching undershirt with these costumes.

Pillow Costume
Pillow Featherbed is another “deluxe” costume, and comes with the dress, leggings, and a wig with a pink bow. I’m not sure what makes some of these costumes “deluxe” and others not, but it seems somewhat arbitrary.

Mittens Costume
The Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff costume is a one piece jumper with skirt attached and a separate vest. It also comes with a blue wig with Mittens’ white bows.

Spot Costume
The Spot Splatter Splash costume comes with a wig (including bows) and Spot’s dress, complete with blue paint splatter. No idea as to whether the pocket on the front is real.

Treat Bag

Finally, the perfect Halloween accessory for any Lalaloopsy fan’s costume, the Lalaloopsy laminated fabric treat bag. I think it would be even more fun to find or make a stuffed animal bag that looks like your Lalaloopsy of choice’s pet! Happy Trick or Treating everyone!

26 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Costumes by Rubie’s Costume Company

    • Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one! The “eyelashes” look okay, but the circle cheeks are weird on people, especially because it looks like they heavily photo-shopped some of them.

  1. I think these are so cute! My favorite would have to be Crumbs Sugar Cookie! I love the colors! But I think these would be cuter homemade and not as shiny/sparkley

  2. We have the Mittens one for my youngest daughter.It’s sooo cute! I love the wig too.Mittens is her favorite because she loves the color blue and she loves snowmen.Ironically we live in Florida and she has never seen snow or a snowman lol

  3. I know this is kind of random but went to Toys R Us today….and they had all the new ones except scraps. First time I seen them in person….but I noticed when I was looking at the peggy seven seas box….in the background patch is in the crows nest of the ship behind peggy. Just thought this was so cute!!! Really wanted to get her but I literally have no more room. Was wondering how you guys display your collections?? Does anybody have any ideas for display? I have most of mine in a china cabinet that are out of the box…but its a little trickier when they are still in the box cause they are so big. NEED IDEAS!
    Oh and they also have the lalaloopsy toddler bed set on sale at toys r us for 23.99……its normally 38 so its a really good deal. Got one for my daughter<3

  4. Me too! Seems like no one has been on this weekend! Hopefully she is gathering some pics for a new post cause I’ve seen some new spring stuff out there. New minis….and some new things that are the lala pets dressed up…can’t remember what they are called but they look pretty cute.

  5. OMG! Was looking on bratzheaven and they have added all kinds of new things that are coming out in the spring. There is a lot of new stuff that we have never heard of before. Definitely need to check out. Here is a list of the new littles coming out though.

    – Tiny Might (Added 10/23/2013)

    – Twirly Figure Eight (Added 10/23/2013)

    – Mimi La Sweet (Added 10/23/2013)

    – Spoons Waffle Cone

    Mimi La Sweet sounds so cute!!! They also have a list of some new bigs coming out and listed the names of the new pet pals.

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