Lalaloopsy Babies and More Lalaloopsy Facebook Giveaway

Bea Re-releaseWeek seven of Lalaloopsy’s Original 8 Re-release is Bea Spells-a-Lot! Also, a peek at the Lalaloopsy 2014 sales plan.

Week 7 of the Original 8 Lalaloopsy Doll Giveaway is here! This week we’re giving away Bea Spells-a-Lot™! To enter for a chance to win a new Bea doll, comment once with “Bea Spells-a-Lot.” One lucky winner will be randomly selected and we’ll announce their name the next Monday afternoon. Please note, that only residents of the contiguous 48 United States are eligible. Good luck! ~ Lalaloopsy Facebook

Bratz Heaven has leaked some pictures of Lalaloopsy Baby prototypes, as well as a release date of Spring 2014.


The baby prototypes have soft bodies and plastic heads.

They have two different fabric patterns for skin.

So far, each baby is wearing a hat, diaper, and pacifier. It’s not yet clear what exactly these babies will come with as accessories, possibly soft pets or different outfits to wear over their diapers.

This baby seems to be themed after Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff’s colors.


This baby seems themed after Crumbs Sugar Cookie. Will they be even younger little sisters or possibly the baby version of existing dolls?

Besides previewing the babies, Bratz Heaven posted that Lala-Oopsies will be discontinued, as will Silly Hair dolls in favor of the new Loopy Hair dolls. They also said that  Haley Galaxy (confirmed), Teddy Honey Pots, Confetti Carnival, Mint E. Stripes, and Goldie Luxe will all get Minis in 2014.

38 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Babies and More Lalaloopsy Facebook Giveaway

  1. Oh my… Not exactly what I had in mind, they’re kinda ugly if you ask me. I wouldn’t waste a penny on them! They really are creepy, glad they’re prototypes!

  2. I actually like these. Hoping that the finished product will be much better but I like the idea. I don’t really see creepy…but then again….most people who know I like lalaloopsy say that they find them all creepy in general. lol Oh well…to each their own I guess.

  3. Wow are soo lalalovely and i like them but not soo much but when they are new dolls the y transformed more cute i know!! are soo cute and i want bea are soo cute is my favorite i hope comes fast spring of 2014 thanks jessica!!

  4. Will all the Lala-Oopsies be discontinued? I understand the princesses being discontinued, as I’ve been told numerous times that they smell of BO. But, I thought the mermaids, ponies, and fairies were selling okay.

  5. I hate the bodies, but they’re only prototypes. Thank God. The bodies make them look like they’re fat. (P.S. I wonder what all the others look like as babies…) 😀 SEW EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just saw a picture of the Pillow baby doll on Ebay…someone already has it for sale!! craziness..who would want an unfinished prototype anyway?? I still wonder how people get their hands on that stuff……

  7. Hmm their heads are fine…. The bodies look like some cheep dollar store thing… Did you see their skin is patterned…. Is their a peanut one?? Their face is sure cute though!!!!

    • Just really hoping that is still a prototype. I love the face but your right the body doesn’t look quite right…and that thing on her head looks like an 80’s sweat band!!

  8. I know how they made these they chopped off a body ofanother baby doll and chopped some hair offa the lalaloopsys with hard material then they chopped toe lalaloopsy head off then attached it to the body to make this T_T

  9. Today, December 4, 2013 you can buy a Lalaloopsy Babies doll for $14.99 on-line, plus $7.99 shipping. These dolls are selling on E-bay for $40.00 or more. It’s a great deal! And if you buy all four of them you get free shipping (free shipping on $49.00 or more). So that’s all four for $60.00

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