Lalaloopsy Dollhouse Make Your Own Lalaloopsy Contest Winner!

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Thanks for waiting, everyone! It’s time to announce the winner of each of the Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Minis! Sorry it’s a bit late, there were some problems on my end. Now, the wait is over!

Out of the contests I’ve had so far, I think this has been my favorite! Everyone was very creative. There were a LOT of great entries, and if I posted them all the page would be a mile long, so I’ve chosen three runners up to feature here! No prize for the runners up, but great job.

Twirly Hip-Hop

Twirly Hip-Hop was sewn on April 29 (National Dance Day) from a hip-hop dancer’s outfit. She has a pet mouse and an energetic attitude. Click on Twirly to see her Lalaloopsy Wiki article! I thought the neon green against black was a great color scheme. Nice job Isabella!


Jet Karate Chop is a unique Lalaloopsy ninja sewn on December 5 (Day of the Ninja). I wonder if they like making friends or prefer to stay in the shadows? The pet grasshopper looks friendly enough. Thanks for this cool entry, Beth!

Patty Fluffytails

Patty Fluffytails was sewn on April 11th (National Pet Day) from a vet’s coat. According to Alexis, she loves and takes care of all the pets in Lalaloopsyland. I thought the detail on this one was really good, I love how cute you made her jacket! This was definitely close to the top, nice work.

Finally, the winners. First up (and with first dibs on which of the minis they get), my favorite!


Congratulations to Brielle! Your idea (with the help of mom Beth) was my favorite. I love Prim Peacoat Plume’s classy vibe, those button down boots really compliment her coat dress. I have a weakness for really fancy coats, and you totally got me with this beautiful green color! Go ahead and have your mom email me with your choice of Spot, Peanut, or letting the random winner decide first.

Speaking of the random winner, I used the same random number generator as before, combined with entry order, to determine the random winner.

Red Apple Fruity

Congratulations to Ana! Red Apple Fruity sure is a cutie! You’ll get the mini not chosen by the favorite winner. I really love fruit themes; her bright apple red hair and cute outfit would make this a must-buy for me in real life.

Winners, please email me your addresses I can ship out your prizes! Thanks to everyone who participated!

31 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Dollhouse Make Your Own Lalaloopsy Contest Winner!

  1. I can’t believe it OMG!! I’m a winner thanks very very much!!! yay! check your mail :) thanks so much the LOOPY HAIRS are great this is my first loopy hair doll 😀

  2. Oh yey you posted the winners! Glad everything’s ok with you,we were a little worried.Wow all of these are amazing ideas,my SO would really love the ninja! I personally love Red Apple Fruity and could totally see them coming out with fruit inspired Lalas in the future.It could be something like strawberry shortcake turned into Lalaloopsy.That would be super cute! Dang I should’ve thought about that for this contest lol

    • Thank you i also love my entry too Alexis :) I also loved your idea i’m sure if she had another loopy hair mini which means 3 winners she’d give it to you :) Thanks For this contest …I’v said this a lot but Jessica I have sent you my mail ^_^

  3. I i forgot to say AWESOME ENTRIES GUYS I WAS LOVING THE FIRST PLACE WINNER’S LALALOOPSY….I’m sooooo happy that’s why i’m really commenting a lot ^_^ But congrats to everyone and the runners up,WERE GREAT! I’m happy now more than you can believe i was hoping to be 2nd it’s hard for me to pick one ^____^ Thanks everyone and thanks to Jessica for this great contest and for the prize coming soon..As soon as i know if i first winner won! :)

  4. Its a bit unfair though that you only choose the ones that used the digital painter app on disney , or ones that they didnt really do, just cos there the neatest cos they just filled in. I think the drawing by hand was pretty good. She should have won.

    • But The first place winner did look different than the Disney painter lalaloopys ..Just say congrats and me i’m a random winner and my prize is what the first place winner does not want and i used this painter … it’s only because the page would me mile a long if she posted them all i’m sure all did a great job 😀 And one of them lalaoopsy was drawn ….She and i did’t like the hop hop girl because of were she was done no,Her colors are lovely! 😉 Don’t get that sad! 😀

    • Hi Caitlin, I did not use Disney Painter App or anything like that. I created the winning Lalaloopsy design from scratch in Photoshop. My daughter Brielle came up with the concept for a peacock Lalaloopsy and I helped her bring her vision to life. She is so thrilled that she got first place in this contest!

    • I’m sorry you feel that way! I chose only the “favorite winner” myself, and I can tell she didn’t use the Disney Paint App (you can’t achieve that level of quality or those colors). The fact that it was a mother/daughter team was also inspiring to me. Since what makes something your “favorite” is totally objective, I understand thinking Patty Fluffytails was better and wanting her to win.
      The random winner could have easily been anyone who entered, it just happened to land on Red Apple Fruity. Honestly, if I had decided on two of my own favorites, Patty Fluffytails WOULD have won. That art is amazing! Alexis won the last contest randomly, but it had no bearing on my decision this time. True, I could have went out and bought more prizes, but instead, I’ll save that money and we’ll have another contest sooner.
      I hope you aren’t discouraged from entering contests in the future! I’ll probably always do a random winner if I’m having multiple prizes, so it will always have that element of fairness.

      • Yes,Jessica can you please do a contest with 3 prizes this would be the best and way way better and fair and 3 people will be happy 😀 , :) , 😉

      • I don’t know if your talking about the one I drew or not( if you are thank you very much!) but I actually liked the fact that Jessica choose the one that the little girl did.That little girl worked hard on it,with the help of her mom,and winning this contest was the prob the best thing that ever happened to her.Plus it prob gave her a major boost of confidence which is awesome! Or maybe she couldn’t afford one and now she gets one for her hard work.Besides I wasn’t doing this just to win,I did it because it was fun.I enjoyed coming up with a new Lala.

        • I do think,however,that they should come out with a Lala who is a vet.It’s a really good idea,if I must say so myself (lol).I mean every single Lala has a pet,so why not have a vet to take care of the pets.It makes sense.

  5. Congrats to the winners! Hope next contest will be photography! I say so for all of those who loves taking snapshots to their lalaloopsies.

  6. well okay. I will be entering your next comps because im gonna try to win. Still congrats to the winners. Do another comp with three prizes.

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