Wizard of Oz themed Minis and the Halloween 2013 Exclusive


Image courtesy of Lalaloopsy Wiki member Lalaloopsyme2.

The Wizard of Oz is coming to Lalaloopsyland! Meet Dotty Gale Winds and her friends! Also check out the next Halloween Target exclusive,ย Pumpkin Candle Light.

Dotty Gale Winds

Thanks to user Lenneh on the Lalaloopsy Wiki for this image.

Dotty Gale Winds is clearly based off of Dorothy Gale, the protagonist of The Wizard of Oz. With her trusty dog Toto, Dotty is whisked to the mystical land of Oz in a twister that lifts her entire house out of Kansas. She would first come across Baley Sticks N. Straws, the Scarecrow, in a field, and rescue them. Tinny Ticker, the “tinman”, was frozen in a forest and needed Dotty’s help to oil them back into movement. Kitty B. Brave is a lion who was very cowardly when the rest of the part first encountered them, but shows bravery by the end of their adventure.

Dotty comes with her picnic basket, her dog Toto, a bouquet of button flowers, and a pink and blue object that looks like a picture frame. Sticks has two crows, a pumpkin, and a bundle on a stick. Tinny has her monkey, a bottle of oil, heart shaped cookies on a pan, and something red that looks like a purse. Kitty comes with a pet mouse, a cape, a purse, and a book. It appears she also has a tail!

Pumpkin Candle Light

The new Halloween exclusive this year at Target is named Pumpkin Candle Light, sewn October 26th from a pumpkin! She’s got a pet spider, a (pumpkin?) pie, and lollipops. Her outfit is a recolor of Bubble Smack N Pop and her hairstyle has been used on several minis before her, although not in any shade of orange. Click on the image above to see the eBay listing where Pumpkin is currently available for $70 US.

Pumpkin back

Apparently we also get french on the back of Pumpkin’s packaging (which is all well and good for me, since it’s the only other language I can even kind of speak).

40 thoughts on “Wizard of Oz themed Minis and the Halloween 2013 Exclusive

  1. Pumpkin Candle Light

    Sewn on: October 26th

    Sewn from: A Pumpkin

    Personality: Her favorite things to eat are sweet potatoes and anything that’s orange. She has the largest candy collection in lalaloopsy land.

  2. These are AWESOME Target Exclusives!!! I was hoping MGA would someday have an Oz set…. otherwise I was trying to figure out who to customize into a set! And how! And, now, I don’t have to!!! Woo hoo!
    Lala LOVE Pumpkin Candle Light… even tho’ they are re-colored versions of already used dresses, hair & accessories… ORANGE ya happy that they just keep coming out with all this fun stuff??!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ouuuu Jessica GREAT idea to have Scraps be the not-so Wicked Witch of the West!!!! Thank you! And you got me thinking… I could use Ace in the monkey Fun House outfit to be one of the flying Monkey’s! I could leave him brown or paint him gray!!!! You ROCK!!!!

  3. Where can you purchase the wizard of Oz ones? Are they only exclusive to target as well or have they not been released yet? I am trying to find them before they’re gone. D:

    • I’ve heard of a few people finding them in the regular stores (Target, Toys R Us, etc) and there are quite a few (individually and in bundles) on eBay for fairly reasonable prices.

  4. I think the wizard of oz thing is a great idea but they could of done better. It could of bean awesome. but i love P umpkin

    • Nope, not Target exclusive! They’ve already been bought at places like Toys R Us, it’s just a matter of it time for it to get to your local stores.

    • Hey, you know that Pumpkin has freckles if you study her face harder. Plus, her dress is a recolor of Bubbles Smack ‘N’ Pop, and her pet spider is recolored, as Tuffet Miss Muffet had a spider just like that.

      • Third sentence after her picture: “Her outfit is a recolor of Bubble Smack N Pop and…”

        Haha yeah, I noticed the spider too, I think this new one is cuter.


  6. We don’t normally collect the mini’s, we have bought a few here and there but these are a must:):)):) I’m excited to get the Halloween doll since that is my sons b-day:)

  7. In the description of the Wizard of Oz loopsies, I am thinking that the Tin man inspired one is holding a heart purse, because the tin man wanted a heart in the movie. Makes sense at least…LOL. I work at Toys’r’Us and haven’t seen them in our store yet, but as soon as I do I’ll be splurging my measly paycheck to get them for my daughters. They just love love love anything Lalaloopsy.

  8. Sew cute!!! They are already out on Lalaloopsy.com! Found them there today and thought I should tell you Jessica! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Super cute!!!

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