Lalaloopsy Workshop

clown switched parts

Lalaloopsy Workshop dolls have been revealed with more detailed images.

Sailor pieces

There are single doll packages and packages with parts for two dolls. Each doll has detachable legs, arms, torso, head, and all hair pieces and accessories are also switchable.

Sailorpckg Sailor

The Sailor girl is reminiscent of regular Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors, with a similar hair style and outfit colors. She has blue eyes, too.


Genie is very similar to Sahara Mirage (on the far right), although not exactly the same. They share a crown, have a similar hairstyle, and their outfits both have a layer of translucent material over their outfits in the same design.

Fairypckg Fairy

The fairy is a vision in pink, with heart shaped cheeks and even green wings!

Clown BoxClown and princess

The Clown and Princess set Lalaloopsy girls both have pigtails and cute gloves. The clown girl even has a red nose!

The workshop Lalaloopsy dolls seem to be much more stylized than the regular dolls. Many of them have cheeks in unique shapes or different colors, like the stars and hearts above. They also have varying eyelash lengths and styles, with some Lalas (like the princess) even seem to be wearing makeup.

The heavy focus on variety and style is a great way to keep the Workshop dolls from blending in too much with the rest of the series of normal dolls.

Ballerinapckg Ballerina

The pigtails on the Cowgirl remind me of Ember Flicker Flames, although she’s completely different from regular Lalaloopsy Prairie Dusty Trails. The ballerina is wearing makeup and has one bracelet on her arm.


The first Bunny since the rare and expensive Cotton Hoppalong, this Lalaloopsy has bunny slippers, pink mittens, and detachable bunny ears. She comes with the Nerd, an adorable girl with glasses and a beanie. Which Worshop dolls are you looking forward to? What other kinds would you like to see from MGAE?

22 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Workshop

  1. Hi Jessica! you should check lalaloopsy on Facebook. they added a picture of Teddy, Mint, Haley, Confetti, Winter Snowflake, Peggy Seven Seas (probably), Scraps (large) and a yellow haired girl with a pink dress.

  2. These are interesting dolls–definitely a different level of play! And they are quite cute with their different looks. Any idea if they are hard plastic or more of a pliable rubbery plastic? Thanks for the latest sneak peeks!

    • I don’t know, but I would guess hard plastic, like the original Lalaloopsy dolls. I don’t think their joints would work well with a rubbery plastic.

  3. WOW! This is very exciting! These are way cool and very creative! Do you have any idea of their size? Thank you SEW much!

      • Ouuu, cool! Thank you Jessica, ms all Lala knowing woman!!! You are amazing! THank you for being my Lala wealth of Lala knowledge! And, p.s…. I have now purchased 10 My Little Ponies thanks to your inspiring drawings and photographs! They do make great props for the mini’s!

        • Nice! I got mine when they had them at McDonalds in 2012, but the blind bag ones are only a bit smaller and the packaged ones are a bit bigger, so they’re all a decent size for lala minis :)

  4. If I got the clown girl I’d paint over her nose. I also think that the workshop dolls could be the normal lalaloopsie’s older sisters? I’d want to get them all! :)

  5. I just bought the princess and the clown! They are indeed pretty hard to snap together, but they’re adorable, very durable and surprisingly detailed!

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