New Lalaloopsy Littles: Twisty and Kiwi!

Mango and Tippy

Guess who’s got a new Lalaloopsy Little sister on the way? 


Twisty Tumblelina is the younger sister of Tippy Tumblelina.

Their light, ruffled skirts and ribbon lace up slippers are perfect for ballet dancing. She’s doubled up on her sister’s eye tattoo, going for one on each side.

Her pet duck is dressed up in a tiny golden tiara, just like how her sister Tippy’s swan has a bow.


Kiwi Tiki Wiki is the younger sister of Mango Tiki Wiki. Her green eyes and a hair in her flower take after her older sister, just like her first name being a fruit. Speaking of fruit, both younger and older sister have a fruit for a pet, with Kiwi’s as a coconut drink and Mango’s as a pineapple parakeet.

64 thoughts on “New Lalaloopsy Littles: Twisty and Kiwi!

  1. Awesome:):)I can’t wait til they get in the store my husband was just saying he wished they would get some new little sisters out:) I hope they make another little brother soon to go along with Matey, I would looooooove a little crazy hatter brother:)

    • Hahaha, don’t worry! I’ll have plenty of time for contest entries to be received before I close it. I have to arrange prizes before I can set it up. I think we’ll have a “customized lalaloopsy” contest this time, so get thinking!

    • I would assume they’ll start showing up this summer, it usually doesn’t take more than one month from spotting a Little to them showing up in stores.

  2. I too am smitten with the Littles!!! And little Miss Mango puts it right over the top! I do hope you are right with the with-in a month time frame! That will be my mantra: with-in a month…. with-in a month….. with-in a month…..


  3. OOOOPS! I hope you know I meant little Miss KIWI!!!! Sometimes I have a little double trouble remembering all their cute, adorable names! Kiwi! Kiwi! Kiwi!!!!

  4. This is thought of lalaloopsy dolls I want to know a lot this way I can track him or her down ha ha ha just kidding I m not gonna search them on maps

  5. I love lalaloopsys so darn much i would go to China for any kind especially for Mango tiki wiki or cat junjle roar but seriously i would take any one but i really want one of those 2 so bad .Well i really want the little sisters with them FROM ISABELLA MARIE CACOVIC PLEASE CONTACT ME BACK THANK YOU!!!

    • Haven’t seen either of them around yet, but it will probably be during summer. Littles usually start showing up on eBay around a month after we get all the pictures.

  6. FYI
    Just wanted to inform.. They are already on
    It says in store only, but I have not seen them at all.
    I’m so anxious to get these 2 adorable dolls

  7. I got mine there. { I’m also dotty gale winds and dollop light ‘n’ fluffy. they are my fave minis!}

  8. I love these new dolls the one that i like is kiwi. I saw her at a store ,but she was 18 dollars!!!!
    That is a crazy price for a small doll.

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