Lalaloopsy Factory Dolls and a Mysterious Snow Lala


Haven’t you just been dying to find out what these new Factory Lalaloopsy dolls are like? Here’s a couple early images!


The new Factory line is a unique new way to style your own Lalaloopsy with different parts and accessories. So far, we can clearly see that there’s a girl that looks like Sahara Mirage and a quirky pink haired ballerina.

Besides the fact that you can change their body parts, the Factory Lalaloopsy line also has some unique facial features. Their button eyes have several more eyelashes now, and one of the girls is even wearing lipstick instead of the normal “sewn on” mouth.


Meanwhile, a new regular Lalaloopsy has been revealed. This mysterious snow girl has earmuffs and strange snowball hair. She could be the next winter exclusive.

20 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Factory Dolls and a Mysterious Snow Lala

  1. Omg! The holidays collectors edition is soooo cute! One question tho is her hair sparkly or is it fuzzy or what?Because the picture shows that its not jus regular color I’m confused.

  2. Jessica,Will you post about Kiwi Tiki Wiki and Twirly Tumbelina?I know you just posted something new but,i was just wondering.The Lala Wiki has the most adorable pictures of them!

  3. OMG I cant take it anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! I soooo need alerts for these dolls! im going nuts over here lol…

  4. So I don’t get it do you get to make it like the monster high creation station Or do they just get put together like the wood conectors

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