Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Dolls and New Fall Line

Peanut Loopy Hair Dolls In Box

The new type of Lalaloopsy are called Loopy Hair dolls!

Peanut Loopy Hair Doll

Each of the new Loopy Hair girls comes with six hair clips and a hairbrush. Of course, new types of dolls always come with a new outfit as well! It looks like these will be the same size as the standard Lalaloopsy dolls, so they should be able to share clothing and shoes.

Jewel Loopy Hair Doll

Besides Peanut Big Top and Jewel Sparkles, Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff and Spot Splatter Splash will also be made into Loopy Hair Lalaloopsy dolls.

Mint E Stripes Loopy Hair Doll

Mint E. Stripes was revealed earlier through a blurry sneak peek image, but now we can see the real details of her outfit. Her green tights look like the painted on permanent kind, and her bun hair even has candy wrappers to finish the peppermint theme. Her dog is adorable, with heart cheeks and a candy cane tail.

Besides the pictured dolls, there are also large versions of Scraps Stitched ‘N’ Sewn and Little Bah Peep slated for release this year.

Confetti Carnival Loopy Hair Doll

This is one of the only new dolls not already leaked before, Confetti Carnival. Her cat is almost exactly the same as Jewel’s cat, and she comes with a kitty shaped masquerade mask. The style of her dress’ skirt is reminiscent of Suzette La Sweet, who Confetti also shares her hairstyle with.

Hayley Galaxy Loopy Hair Doll

Hayley Galaxy is the first alien Lalaloopsy, although not the first character to have green skin. She has a unique hairstyle with an antennae headband. Her outfit is a shiny silver, like Dot Starlights dress. Her pet is also a green alien, with fangs and a pink bow.

Teddy Honeypot Lalaloopsy

Most people were speculating that this Lalaloopsy was some kind of wolf girl, but she’s been officially named as Teddy Honey Pots. Her pet been makes a whole lot of sense, now! She’s got a unique hairstyle, too, with a bear hood and pigtails.

23 thoughts on “Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Dolls and New Fall Line

  1. Omg Omg Omg!!!!! This is seeeeewwwwww cute!!!!! I want to tell you everything I love about these dolls but I don’t now how!! :) Thank you seeeeeewwwwwww much for posting this adorable (new) cuteness, Jessica!! -love Holly. :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting these! I check your website all the time, you have great info :)
    Hayley Galaxy is my absolute favourite in this line up, but they’re all so cute, MGA have really outdone themselves!
    The Loopy hair dolls look great too!

  3. These are so super cute!!!!! I cannot wait for them to come out! The sooner the better!!! :) did u hear about twisty tumberlina and Liou wiki tiki lalaloopsy littles?


  5. Just realised:What does a bear have to do with a bumble bee?I mean,SERIOUSLY MGAE!She is so cute but is she the bumble bees Teddy Bear?

  6. I wanted to let everybody know that I just saw that the full sized Haley Galaxy, Mint E Stripes, Teddy Honey Potts are for sale on Ebay and Amazon, also Confetti Carnival is on Amazon. I can’t wait until they come out in a store near me:):)

    • Oh “menu2” that is SEW exciting to hear! Thank you for the head’s up! I too shall TRY to be patient and wait for them to show up at a store near me!

  7. Omg! the new lalaloopsy loopy hair are soo cute! are these the ones that were on the blurry pictures that were posted earlier?

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