Blurry Sneak Peeks at the Fall Lalaloopsy Lineup


Mint E Stripes

Looks like MGA has been whipping up some new Lalaloopsy dolls! None of these dolls are confirmed and as such, it’s possible that they will be changed before release. Confidential Lalaloopsy photos thanks to Bratz Boulevard.


There are at lest three new regular sized dolls we’ve never seen before. Above, a new candy girl (possibly named Mint E Stripes) with the sweetest peppermint theme.

MGA has been doing a lot of alien themes lately, even releasing a new brand of alien dolls called Novi Stars, so it’s not surprising to see them turn the alien ray gun on Lalaloopsy. This wolf girl might just be the big bad who’s after Scarlet Riding Hood, but right now they share a hairstyle.


This new type of Lalaloopsy is called the Factory line. It’s likely that they will be similar to the other MGA “build your own” doll, like the Bratzillas Switch-a-Witch, with multiple body parts and outfits you can switch out to make your doll different. It’s not clear yet what size this new type of Lalaloopsy will be.


Last up, some potential first looks at the new Real Yarn Silly Hair Lalaloopsy dolls. These are MUCH more stylish and adorable than the ad preview in the March issue of Toys ‘n’ Playthings.


I must say, if the final dolls have cute hair like these do, I might have to get some!

26 thoughts on “Blurry Sneak Peeks at the Fall Lalaloopsy Lineup

    • OMG… Me too! the factory line is adorable I love the girl in the ballerina tutu and slippers 😉 and the real yarn silly hair dolls look sew cute! Are the bottom two pictures minis?

  1. The factory line looks about the size of the Lala-oopsie minis, of course I could be wrong. They are all so adorable I love the silly hair dolls and the peppermint doll they are soooo cute! Thanks for posting Jessica!

  2. I was just letting u know tht I found out the alien lalaloopsy name the furryred haired one is named confetti carnival (it doesn’t sound like tht would b a name for an alien but its online and on YouTube) and then the green skinned one is Haley galaxy.

  3. I wanted to let everybody know that I just saw that the full sized Haley Galaxy, Mint E Stripes, Teddy Honey Potts are for sale on Ebay and Amazon, also Confetti Carnival is on Amazon. I can’t wait until they come out in a store near me:):)

  4. I showed my daughter the “Mint E Stripes” Lalaloopsy! She is in love with it and wants it. I looked on Amazon and someone is already selling that one and the “Teddy Honey Pots” Lalaloopsy. They are starting at $40 there. Hoping I can find them at Walmart or Target soon so I can stash one of them away for Christmas.

    My daughter loves Lalaloopsy. She is now getting into the Lalaoopsies too. She’s got Mittens, Ember, Specs (littles), Feather, Charlotte, Scoops, & April from the Original Lalaloopsy’s line. She had Toffee, but she snapped her head off and we couldn’t fix it! She’s got Nutmeg and Tulip (fairy littles) from the Lalaloopsies line. She’s also got Saharra, Pillow, Misty, & Anise (lalaoopsies) mini dolls. She’s got the Lalaloopsy playhouse and Lalaloopsy Stroller/Rocking Chair.

    The list keeps growing and growing for what my daughter has and wants!

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