Make your own Lalaloopsy Sleeping Bag!


What to do when you have a good Lalaloopsy collection going, but only one bed for so many dolls? That’s easy: make them a sleeping bag!


The first step for any sewing project is measurement! AFTER reading all the instructions, you’ll need to measure your doll in a few ways: total height, height from neck to toe, and the width of their arms from fingertip to fingertip. You’ll use these measurements to get your sleeping bag pattern.


The pattern is very simple: it’s just one rectangle with another rectangle cut out. The width of your sleeping bag should be twice the length of your arm measurement and the height will be her total height. I would add a little, at least an inch, to both of your measurements: it’s better to have a slightly too big sleeping bag than a slightly too small one. To size the cut out, take your doll’s total height minus her neck to toe height.


Do you have your measurements ready? Take your cloth and fold it in half, showing the back. You need to cut out your sleeping bag from the vertical folded part, effectively giving you two of the above piece, connected on the side closest to that rotary cutter and Lala-Oopsie. If you can’t do it all in one piece, go ahead and cut out two. The remaining flap after cutting will be the pillow, so make sure your dolls head will fit.

Now that your piece is (or pieces are) cut out, sew it together everywhere (with the front sides together) except the top of the pillow. Turn it inside out.


Now it’s time to seal off the pillow. It’s just a matter of turning this weird shape into two rectangles. Stitch across the bottom of the pillow and feel free to add any design you want to the blanket. I just made some simple lines to keep the fabric together.


Stuffing the pillow is easy; tuck the fabric down (the opposite of the way you would roll up your pants or sleeves) to hide the edge and sew it together. Finally, sew the edges of your blanket together. Flip it inside out to hide the stitches and voila! We’re done.


You can roll it up and tie it with some ribbon to keep it shut while you aren’t using it, or just let your doll us it as a seat. This project is simple; easy enough to do with no sewing experience at all!

16 thoughts on “Make your own Lalaloopsy Sleeping Bag!

  1. Wow! I never thought of making one, it seemed so hard, but then you posted this and made it so easy! Thank you bunches, Jessica!

      • Please dont get only 8 years old(i didnt mess up im really 8)but i dont understand. p.s.:Dont you think im too young to be doing this and stuff?

        • I think an eight year old could probably make this project, even without a sewing machine. You can always try it with an old kitchen cloth or t-shirt if you are afraid of ruining your fabric. I know your dolls won’t judge if it turns out a little weird, all you can do is practice! :)

          • Hi Jessica I made a sort of different one I’m only 10 by the way so it came out good but not the best all i done was got an old t – shirt cut a good rectangle 2 the same size sewed them toghether left a little hole and stuffed it with nail pads and then got a blanket cut another square out of the blanket and sewed it on the bed and left the right amount of space for the doll to fit in by the way this was all for lalaloopsy littles

  2. I forgot to tell you this!:Once I was at KMart and saw a diffrent version of the LalaBed!It was the same colors with the blankie and stuff but the bed looked more elegant-y sorta and was just strange!I might of been a mistake or something but i have no idea how to explan it!

  3. Hi Jessica it’s summer again and all I wanted to say was your designs are so inspiring I have tried loads of your ideas but changed them a bit so anyone out there that is reading this have a go at this they come out great

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