MGAE Rolls out the Lala-Oopsies Website!

Finally, a Lala-Oopsies website! There is an animated book to leaf through with information about the Lala-Oopsie princesses, fairies, and even horses. Although small, they’ve already rolled out the first of several Lala-Oopsie web games, Topsy Turvy!

Topsy Turvy is a simple game where you used the directional arrows on your keyboard to help Princess Nutmeg get across a strawberry milk lake’s path of lily pads while the backdrop changes colors. She moves past a variety of obstacles, including fairies, flowers, and tall mushroom trees with ballet leaps and twirls. My top score is 151 lily pads at level 7 – can you beat me?

The biggest reveal the website gave was the Lala-Oopsie world version of Littles: fairies! Although they are not explicitly stated to be related, every fairy has the same colors as one of the four princesses.  Each fairy has two low pigtails and two antennae; none of them seem to be wearing shoes (and who would, when you can fly?).

The last to be listed, and given no extra information, are the horses. Two each of the ponies are winged, horned, or wearing a crown. They bring My Little Pony to mind, especially considering one of the winged ponies (or Pegasus ponies) named Macadamia is yellow with a pink mane, just like the pony Fluttershy from Friendship is Magic.

Princess Anise is revealed as the Princess of Knickknacks.

Also revealed is Princess Juniper as the Princess of Know-How.

Fairies, Littles of the Lala-Oopsie world!

My Lala Ponies!

12 thoughts on “MGAE Rolls out the Lala-Oopsies Website!

  1. These are so cute, I sawthem at ToysRus last night:)they only had two of them. They also had the new silly hair minis and they are super cute:):)

  2. Ever since my granddaughter received her first silly hair doll, she has become an obsessed fan. I can’t stop buying her more and more. She just loves them! I wish MGA would come out with a Lalaloopsie Doll House. Her collection is overflowing, and she complains that her Lalaloopsy Dollhouses are full. What is a grandfather to do?

    • I want them to make another house, too! I also have the Lalaloopsy Dollhouse, and all of my minis wouldn’t fit inside it even without the furniture. If you’re not specifically stuck on MGAE, there are lots of options for dollhouses, and other brands can work well with the Minis. Dora the Explorer furniture is about the right size and many people seem to be fond of the Calico Critters series, both of which are easily found on Amazon.

  3. Rachel( one of my friends) has cashew. I also know Lucia , Maddie , Ella and me who have a lala oopsie pony.

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