Mini Lala-Oopsies Spotted on Amazon

The exciting reveal of Lala-Oopsies just gets better: all four Lala-Oopsie princesses as minis!

You can find all of these minis for sale (or formerly so) here on Amazon. The packages have even stayed true to the original “Ages 4 to 104” labeling. The packages say the are reusable, I wonder if they will be easy to open, letting you repackage your dolls for easy travel, storage, or display? Each mini seems to be the same 3 inches as previous Lalaloopsy minis, so they should fit fine with each other’s items, furniture, and homes.

I think the minis do a wonderful job of capturing each princess’ different hairstyle, and the fact that each of their skirts are meant to look like a ballerina’s tutu. Having their items also helps to flesh out their personalities a little, for instance, Princess Nutmeg’s doughnut scepter makes her look more silly compared to the more frilly Anise, with her crown scepter and hand mirror. Juniper clearly has a knitting hobby and Princess Saffron holds the tea parties. It’s also adorable that they managed to include two bunny pets who couldn’t be more different. Nutmeg’s bunny looks very alert and possibly hyperactive, while the bunny with Juniper looks more docile.

Princess Anise has blue skin and a pink dress. Anise comes with a hand mirror, a scepter, a heart shape, and her pet cat.

Princess Nutmeg, the princess of silly, has and orange and pink color palette. She has a mushroom umbrella, a carton, her pet bunny, and a doughnut scepter. I love how she’s wearing her crown on the side.

Princess Juniper has yellow skin with a complimenting pink color. Her accessories are a scepter, a basket of yarn, and two heart shapes pressed together (a chair? a box?). She is accompanied by her pet rabbit.

The previously revealed princess of hugs, Princess Saffron is green with pink and green hair and a pet mouse. Her scepter has a heart on top, and she’s ready for tea with her own cup and teapot.

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