New MGA Lalaloopsy Style Toys: Lala-Oopsies

A new toy is coming from MGA, and it has a familiar face…it’s the bendy, squishy cousin of Lalaloopsy, Lala-oopsies!

“While walking down a familiar way, a fork in the road leads you astray, to a secret door with a secret key, open it up and inside you’ll see a magical world where strawberry rivers flow, where islands and rafts and mushroom trees grow. This silly place, what could it be? The whimsical land of Lala-oopsies!”

There are four Lala-oopsie princesses and all of them wear crowns in their dual colored hair. I like the way they managed to do four different styles of what are all essentially pigtails. Like Lalaloopsy large dolls, they are around 13″ tall and come with a pet. However, Lala-oopsies have soft heads and bendy appendages, making them ideal for little ones who aren’t quite ready for the heavy, less pose-able, and difficult to balance Lalaloopsy dolls.

The boxes are styled like books on the back, with these four being part of Lala-oopsie volume 1. Apparently, the handle of the box is detachable and can be used as a bookmark. It’s unclear whether or not their shoes will be removable. The pets are colored similarly to the doll they come with, and have unique shapes not seen in any Lalaloopsy pet.

Lala-oopsies are very colorful compared to Lalaloopsy. Their arms, legs, and hair are all colored differently.

Because of their soft bodies, Lala-oopsies may be marketed towards younger children, or as bathtime toys. Since they are so similarly sized, it’s likely that Lala-oopsie and Lalaloopsy dolls will be able to share clothing.

The artwork is all very adorable, showing the Lala-oopsies in ballet poses.

18 thoughts on “New MGA Lalaloopsy Style Toys: Lala-Oopsies

    • I don’t think they are specifically “mistake” Lalaloopsy girls, but rather a different kind of Lalaloopsy who lives somewhere besides Lalaloopsyland. I guess we’ll find out!

  1. i work at toysrus and we have them on our shelves i bought one for my niece last night princess nutmeg for her the dolls legs and head is like a squishy stress ball

  2. The large lalaoopsies aren’t as good quality but the littles lalaoopsies are hard like the lalaloopsy
    Princess nutmeg’s leg came off and the dots are disappearing of her rubbery legs :(

  3. I Love LaLaoopsy Dolls so much. I have a lot of them, I would like to have every one that they have made, and will make.

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