Harmony B Sharp and Ivory Ice Crystals Minis! More Minis in Stores

The recently revealed snow princess, Ivory Ice Crystals, is getting a Target exclusive holiday mini!

Ivory Ice Crystals mini comes with her pet polar bear, a Popsicle with two sticks, and what looks like a small snow globe.

Minis of both Harmony B Sharp and Dyna Might have been spotted on eBay, being sold by user broham76. Harmony comes with a microphone, a boquet, an advertisement board, and her pet kitty. Dyna Might has her super hero cape, goggles, and a trampoline, as well as her sidekick squirrel.

Also found on eBay, being sold by user djcross33, are minis of Mango Tiki Wiki and Feather Tell-a-Tale. Mango can play her ukelele, wear her lei, and drink our of her coconut! Her pineapple bird accompanies her. Feather comes with her totem pole style pet bears, a purse, a campfire, and a book of stories.


17 thoughts on “Harmony B Sharp and Ivory Ice Crystals Minis! More Minis in Stores

  1. I’m wondering if ivory’s cape comes off like dyna’s for her third accessory (cuz the minis almost always have three accessories)? <3

  2. FINALLY!!i only see new dolls like five months later!but when you see them its like LALA PALOOZA!!with the new dolls.:)p.s.i saw big Dyna at Target!!!

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