More Silly Hair and Soft Lalaloopsy Dolls on the Way!

The only “Special Edition” Lalaloopsy doll finally has a silly hair version! Suzette la Sweet has her trademark white hair and pink puppy, but has changed her stockings and delicate outfit for a more standard issue. The outfit is pink and lacy, with blue shoes to match. Her unique rococo style curls are gone, replaced by silly hair strands with buttons and bows to decorate. There’s even a brush! Her puppies tale can be styled as well.

Spotted on Taobao, a Chinese auction site, and following soon behind Suzette in the new Silly Hair series is Prairie Dusty Trails. She’s traded her old pigtails for some silly hair strands! Her cactus is bigger, with it’s own silly arm to decorate. She’s wearing a new sheriffs outfit, including a star badge and a lasso. She comes with plenty of buttons and bows for her hair, and a brush to pretend with.

Also spotted on Taobao, Marina Anchors has become a soft doll. She and her whale are ready to cuddle and go on high seas adventures! She’s wearing her standard sailor outfit and her whale has a hat on.

4 thoughts on “More Silly Hair and Soft Lalaloopsy Dolls on the Way!

  1. I don’t really like how they made her a special edition collectors doll then they go off and make a silly hair version. I don’t understand you MGA

    • The “Collector’s Edition” thing is kind of bunk anyway, since she sold for exactly the same price in the same quantities as regular dolls. Anything is a “Collector’s item” if someone collects them; it’s just as meaningless as saying a canned food item is “homestyle”.

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