Lalaloopsy Arrives at Build a Bear Workshop

Build a Bear Workshop

Lalaloopsy gives soft dolls another go at Build A Bear Workshop! Stuffed Peanut Big Top and Crumbs Sugar Cookie in stores and online now as part of the Super Silly Party line! Click on the image to see the dolls, hear their sounds, and print out unique coloring pages, a cupcake maze, and a word search.

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2015 Lalaloopsy Littles! Meet Posy Golden Petals and more!

Dream E Wishes

The 2015 Lalaloopsy Littles are incoming! Breeze E. Sky, Dream E. Wishes, Streamers Carnivale, Posy Golden Petals and more join their older sisters in Lalaloopsyland! All images are courtesy of the Lalaloopsy Wiki.

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Sorry! Lalaloopsy Dollhouse returns~

Hello again to all of you! I’m so sorry to have left the site in the lurch for two months, I sincerely apologize to all of you for my sudden and unexplained absence! I’m not dead, just shameless. After not posting for a little while, the responsibility to make a post became outweighed by my guilt from not posting for so long, and the vicious cycle continued. I just kind of avoided the internet, until I realized I had been gone long enough that people thought I was dead. I guess a friendly email reminding me that everyone in the Lalaloopsy Dollhouse community was actually worried about me was just what I needed to shake me out of my guilty reverie. Thanks Jeanne!

I promise, if Lalaloopsy Dollhouse ever ends, there will be a final post to let you know I’m shutting it down and why. I’m sorry again, everyone! Let’s get back to it!